Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Fun at Black Butte

Summer would not be complete without a trip (or two) to Black Butte Ranch. Every year I threaten to just take the kids and go live there all summer of these years, I just might! Grammy and Papa's Black Butte house is our family's FAVORITE place on earth all year long, but summers there are just the BEST!

With endless miles of trails, one of our favorite things to do is go for bike rides. We had to be a little creative in order to get the whole family out for a ride together, but where there is a will, there is a way. I got a good leg workout pulling Bo and Luke behind in the cart. Cole loved riding in the seat on the back of Bart's bike.

Even with our crazy crew, there is plenty of R&R that goes on...relaxing in the hot tub and hanging out on the deck watching the golfers play by.

Spending hot afternoons at the pool are a given.

Caden discovered his love for Italian Sodas (or "Australian Sodas" as he kept accidently calling them) that they sell at the pool cafe.

Bo loved playing in the bubblers and fountains where he could "ninja fight" the water.

Our second trip in August included a few days with friends. We were quite amazed that we were able to schedule it and acutally make it work out, but even more happy to have them join us and share some great times and fun memories.

Ty and his buddy wait underneath the fountain for the big water dump.

A little afternoon guy-time on the putting green at the golf course

You know your friends are great when their teenager lets your 3 year old lick & stick fruit snacks to his face!

As Luke displays...It was so much fun...we came home all wiped out!

It's amazing how a quiet little ranch in Central Oregon can be so much fun. I know the draw for us is more than just fun outdoor activites. It's the family time spent together - just being US. I hope Black Butte will forever have a special meaning to my boys through the years. I love having this place to go to and comparing adventures and pictures year after year. I love everything our summer getaways to Black Butte create for our family.


Anonymous said...

I got to go there with you once and it was so fun!! I laughed so hard when I saw Bo doing his ninja fighting!

Katie at Black Butte Ranch said...

Mandy - It is so heartwarming to hear families tell stories about their time spent at Black Butte Ranch. That is exactly what the Ranch was meant to be. Those of us who work here find it to be a special privilege to share in the creation of those memories and the Black butte Ranch experience. our pictures you posted are priceless!

I would like to invite you, your family and friends to follow us on the official Black Butte Ranch blog at You can also find us on facebook under "Black Butte Ranch - There is a place", and twitter under "BlackButteRanch". We look forward to having you and your family back soon.

Katie Williams @ BBR