Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Grandma

My Grandmother (dad's mom) turned 90 on March 4th. Many of our family and those closest to her were able to celebrate this milestone year with a party in her honor. We are so blessed to have her still with us and be touched by her example and strength. We are especially blessed that she moved from Washington State to Portland last month and we can have her close by and enjoy many more special moments with her as often as possible. We hope the night was as special to her as she is to us.
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then gathered in the great-room to visit and watch a video my sister had prepared with pictures from Grandma's life. It was a wonderful night to honor such a great lady who has touched our lives in many ways.
Grandma with all of her grown-up grandkids. My cousins made the trip from out-of-town to honor her for her special event.
After dinner, it was time to pile on the couch for pictures. Here's Grandma with all her Great-Grandkids! What a lucky Grandma, and even luckier Great-Grandkids!
Grammy (my mom) had typed out questions for us to ask Grandma after dinner about her life and memories. Grandma is a fairly private lady, so it was fascinating and heartwarming to hear her tell about younger days, favorite times and family secrets. It was precious how the older grandkids sat so politely and eagerly listened to her tales.

Grandmas sweet hands
I just had to snap these shots of her as she told the stories of her life - these images just show those details about her that we will never want to forget - priceless.
Happy 90th birthday Grandma - you are an inspiration to all of us!


Carrie said...

This is so sweet Mandy. Makes me thing of my grandfather...what an impact these people have on our lives and how lucky we are to have them for so long. And for our kids to know them as we did as children. This warmed my heart...