Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas has come early!!

There have been a few monumental events that have occurred at the Dickson household that are blogworthy - or at least important enough to be included in our family album at the end of the year (when our blog becomes a book). 3 big events that feel like the best gifts of the season to me.

Lukers has kicked the "chair". This sad, old high-chair that doesn't really fit in our dining nook has finally been retired. Over the course of 5 kids, I refused to ever replace it - I only despised it more and more with each child and every passing year. I will never have to clean those creveses, scrub the straps, or wipe the windows next to it again. I KNOW I will have plenty more messes at mealtime to deal with - but at least they won't involve this old highchair. While I should be sad that this is a sign that my last baby isn't such a baby anymore...I don't feel remorse when it comes this worn-out scum-collector. I'll shed an extra tear for the crib or carseat when it is retired, but not the highchair. Good riddins!
Cole is officially, 100% trained. He has finally overcome his phobias of going #2 in the potty and is pull-up free, day and night. If you know me or my potty-training record, you know what a big day this is for us. We don't give advice or offer training in this area - it's not our cup of tea. But for this boy - he's all good! And warming up quite nicely to being an underwear model I think.
Saving the best for last...Bart and I cut a check, sent it in this envelope and recieved a reciept that our law school loans are paid in full! Now those years of toil and trouble can truly start to become a distant memory. I remember thinking this day would never happen. But now we can say - BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, CHECKED THAT BOX. Waahooo!
Some things just feel like - Merry Christmas to us!


Heather K said...

Yay for no more high chairs, no more diapers (on Cole) and no more student loans!!!

Those are three fabulous items :) Ps. your photo skills are pretty good with the underwear model:)

Michelle said...

How much do I wish I could check all three of those things off my list - but the best of all is the student loans - I am so thrilled for you!!!!!!!!