Monday, December 13, 2010

Civil War Game

Call us bandwagon fans - but you would be too if your family LOVES college football like mine does and your state's university has made their way into the national championship game this year! The fact that UofO is a strong client of my husband's company also helps. But really, it's our oldest boys who are to blame. They have been routing for the Ducks for the past several years (a little to our shagrine, I might add - but we held our tongue) and now they have pulled us on the bandwagon. So when Bart got offered 4 tickets to the OSU v UofO Civil War game, we knew what 2 guests we would invite to come along! Does it make us bad parents if we used the game tickets as a motivator for accomplishing a goal first? But Cade and Ty worked hard on their goals we helped them set and truly "earned" their chance to see the Ducks beat the Beavers and advance to the National Championship game.
Even though the game was at OSU's Reser's Stadium - the boys would not allow us to go without sporting yellow and green - so we figured, "go big or stay home"!
Notice the sea of Orange and Black around us? Maybe it really makes us bad parents that we allowed our kids to be obvious and outnumbered in enemy territory. (There was actually a lot of duck fans scattered in even though you can't tell). We just feel we got the chance to give our kids a little lesson in friendly and not-so-friendly rivalry behavior. It was still a fun afternoon with our boys - perfect football weather (sunny and cold), time together, and a great game!
Don't worry - Bart wore a BYU Cougars shirt under his coat (closest to his heart!). Go Cougars! AND GO DUCKS!!


Jaimy said...

Hi Mandy! Looks like fun! We had the same thing happen for us this year with the BYU/Utah game. The perks of construction, I guess? Unfortunately, we know how that game turned out. But our boys had an awesome time, especially Chase. He's our rebel Utah fan. We got your Christmas card - it's adorable. Merry Christmas!