Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

School Music Programs
Bo is not a fan of the spotlight - but he is getting better. We don't expect smiles, we're just glad he gets up to participate in his preschool singing programs. And hey, by the last couple of songs, he didn't even notice that he was singing along!

Cade had his school Christmas Music program the same night. So luckily Bart was in town and didn't have Bishop appointments - so we divided and conquered. I don't have any pictures of Cade, the dancing elf (which I am sure he is happy about), but our family all enjoyed a fun night of Chrismas music to help kick off the season.

Christmas Piano Recital

It is so fun to see how much the boys are improving. I truly thank our piano teacher for making lessons so fun. And for her wonderful recitals she puts together. Like she says, "they are a lot like Christmas...take endless hours to plan and are over in a snap". But we still love to listen to the holiday music played by our boys and other great kids.

Visit to Santa
We miraculously coordinated schuedules and were able to take all the cousins together to see Santa again this year. They're ready for Santa - is Santa ready for them??
The cousins pose for a picture while waiting. They had fun sharing their excitement all huddled under the outdoor heaters in the gazebo waiting for their turn with Santa.
poor santa.
The trick to this tradition is finding a "good" Santa - looks and spirit. The Bridgeport Village Santa has been wonderful the past few years. He takes time to talk to each child and even had the kids ask questions - like where he parks his reindeer. (I didn't hear his answer, unfortunately) Thank you Santa for being wonderful and adding magic to our season!

Teacher Gifts

*For Bo's preschool teachers we tied up cute Christmas kitchen towels with a story about the symbolism of a towel - a reminder to do works of goodness. We attached a note with our thanks for their works of goodness they do with the preschool and included some yummy chocolate covered peppermint oreos.
*For Cade and Ty's teachers I procrastinated a while waiting for some great-crafty-inspiration to hit. But I kept hearing and being reminded that teachers don't want more "stuff" or more treats to eat that they have already been given x 30 students. They just want gift cards (or something useful). So to all you teachers out there - just know that us parents try to listen. So I found these cute giant plastic muffin wrappers at the Container store and filled it with breakfast from Panera (a pumpkin muffin, gingerbread bagel and cream cheese, and orange juice) and a gift card to Panera. I figured I couldn't go wrong. Who doesn't LOVE Panera, and it happens to be just down the road from our elementary school (so a yummy spot for lunch during a school day!)
Cookies with Grammy

No matter how busy the holiday season gets, my mom still sets aside a Saturday to have the grandkids over (the older ones at least) to decorate sugar cookies. Then we get to take home these masterpieces and add them to our goodie-trays to give away to friends (well, the ones that are giftable anyways!) Even though we have to fit it in with basketball games and parties and everything else, the boys look forward to this every year.

We are blessed. And the Christmas season is so good to remind us of it. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.


Lu and Bran Muffin said...

Panera kept Bayer alive during my pregnancy. love these posts. Your a good gift giver!!!