Friday, May 27, 2011

12 Happy Years

This guy and I...after 12 years together, we have learned to be good at just a couple of things. One of them is making time to be together - just the two of us. We have been faithfully having weekly date nights for 12 years running. They usually aren't extravagant and often not even planned out. We just get the babysitter and get in the car and drive and figure it out from there. But we do it... and it has been one of the greatest joys of my life with him. So when our anniversary or a speical occasion comes along I never worry about planning or expecting anything different. I am just as happy with same 'ol-same 'ol (because the same 'ol makes me happy). But somehow in the midst of all the traveling he's been doing for work, bishoping, and the hecticness of life with 5 crazies (our kids) he pulled out a little "Bart"-style anniversary. My awesome husband always seems to find a little way to make our anniversary new and special and unique year after year. This year it was a day together skiing on Mt Hood.

The weather was gorgeous and the view breathtaking (even with some guys finger blocking part of the landscape :))Perfect spring skiing. Then when our legs had enough, we scarfed down a feast at Famous Dave's and did a little shopping together - yep, he even shops!.

When we got married, we were young and dumb and pretty unprepared. I took a chance on this guy and boy did I get lucky! I knew when I married him, he was a good man. I just didn't know how good he really is. I knew I loved him then, I just didn't know how much I could. Here's to 12 happy years together and an eternity more. Love you babe!


Amy F. said...

First of all, you have packed 5 kids and a lot of experiences in your 12 years. Second of all. You two look great. Third of all, we miss you.