Friday, May 27, 2011

Look Who's 2!

My BABY, that's who!!


-He is loud, bossy and rough (what choice does he have as the 5th of 5 boys -He fits the bill well!)

-His favorite food is cantaloupe and sunflower seeds (shell included)

-He has a scowl that he has practiced and perfected

-He's so ticklish you can hardly change his diaper or dress him

-He loves books and trucks

-He loves to be goofy and crack himself up

-He is a daddy's boy BIG TIME

-He loves piggy back rides down the stairs

-He loves to wrestle (or swordfight or anything rough)

-He loves showers by himself

-He is LOUD! (maybe I mentioned that)

-He is bossy (and that too)

-He is rough (in case you missed it)

-He gives the BEST "tight squeezes" any 2-yr old could!

-He has the most contagious laugh

-He's world's cutest little guy

-He is absolutely loved and adored by his brothers

-He'll always be our Baby Luke

Lukers had his 2nd birthday party at Red Robin (original, huh?), after cubscouts and inbetween baseball practices - but we made sure it happened and that this sprightly boy had a night that was all about him. I still can't believe my baby is officially a terrible-two year old, although we think the terrible"ness" began a while ago (if it starts early, does it end early??)

I love you sweet boy!


Amy F. said...

WHAT??? Your baby is 2? What does that feel like? We are looking forward to going places without lugging around the car seat, but I also am going to miss the chubby legs & such.