Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Snacking

Here's a fun spring snack to try. It's a mix of the "dirt cup" idea and fruit kabobs with a cute spring twist. Bo and I made them for preschool snacks and they were simple and yummy, kind-of-healthy and a huge hit!I always seem to finish my "projects" after the sun goes down, so thus, the lack of natural lighting for the pictures - photography is not my talent!Simply make chocolate pudding and let set in individual serving cups. Top pudding with crushed oreo. Cut pineapple into chunks and be sure to make little slices in the top of each chunk for a daffodil look. Stem and slice strawberries into halves. Cut green apples into thin wedges. Skewer fruit with apple slice arching upward for a "leaf", and fruit at the top to make a flower. Good luck getting your skewer to stand upright in the cup (extra chunks of oreo for propping helps). Finish off with a gummy worm over the edge (it's the kids favorite part). Enjoy!


emily k said...

Wow! When you post you really post! I love seeing pictures of your adorable family! Thanks for sharing!

Heather K said...

For some reason, I have missed the last few posts :( but it's so fun seeing all the cute "crafts" Bo will do with you...he's a riot! Love love him and his eyelashes. Elle's so excited to start preschool---she's not a performer either, so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully Coley is all for it too :)

Amy F. said...

This is just another cute thing made up by creative Mandy. Love it.