Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blame it on the sick ones

Whatever in the world this virus is that won't leave my family alone is the reason I've been neglecting my blog. Double ear infections and viral bronchitis got the best of Ty 2 weeks ago. Then Cade stepped up to the plate with the stomach yuk - which we all sort of passed around for several days. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, Cade has developed a lovely rash starting on his face and now we have it covering the poor little guy. I should have taken pictures of each of the sad sickies - but photography was not as high on the priority list as cleaning puke off the couch, helping with the inhaler every 2 hours, making fruit smoothies, rubbing backs, hugging fevered heads and WASHING hands so that we can be done with this once and for all!

My "biggest" little guy not feeling so hot. But sick or not, he always manages to have on some article of sports wear (hence the baseball cap) and makes sure he is up to speed on the latest basketball game scores.


Natalie and Boys said...

So sorry about all the sick kids. That is the worst. Get well.

Sotutus said...

Hopefully you are all feeling well now. There is nothing worse than having a sick kid.

Leah said...

Yucky! It has been a tough year with sickies! I had the stomach flu last week. I have not puked since I was a kid...yucky! Many of my kindergartners have been out with fevers. HAND WASHING has be a high priority. Hopefully, things are getting back to healthy at your house.