Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Ego Boosts from YOU!

You have to be thick-skinned when you have a 2-year-old boy.
Even if they are this stinkin' cute, they say what they think...
cute or not. Here are some "Bo comments" from the past few
1.) Me: "I love you Bo"
Bo: (either) "okay" or "well, I love Dad"
2.) I was singing to a CD in the car and Bo asks:
"Mom, are you singing?"
Me: "yes"
Bo: "That's not a good song mom"
3.) Bo: "Will you play basketball with me"
Me: "Sure" (even though I was in the middle of 12 different
things and I really didn't want to)
Bo: (after I miss several attempts) "you're not a good shot mom"
4.) While coloring with him - Bo: "don't color like that mom"
Me: "Like what?"
Bo: "that's not a pretty picture"
5.) "your hair sticks up"
6.) "Why you wear that?"

The lists goes on and on...

My Favorite:
7.) While posed to swipe me with a sword- Bo: "I'm a
lamanite, I'm going to get you!"
(maybe we need to lay off the animated
Book of Mormon movies a bit!)

To my fiesty 2 year-old I say, "sticks and stones may
brake my bones but words will never harm me" AND...


Liza said...

Hey I didn't mind being tagged it was fun. This is a really cute, fun post. It really got me laughing. I can totally relate only more with my 6 year old. My 2 yr old has favored his dad but he can't talk well enough to tell me the kinds of things that Bo is telling you! Very impressive. Still Sam's vocab is expanding rapidly. He told me today what two things were unpromted, but I didn't remember that he had ever seen them, pickles and strawberries- we haven't had those in a while since they are out of season.

Holly or James said...

So sweet. I love little kids. they'll tell you the way it is. (: I remember Caleb saying things like that all the time. He still does actually.

Shana said...

It was great seeing you this weekend Mandy. We so miss you guys. Good thing I got my Cole fix. Boy is he cute or what??? We are waiting for you all to come visit us up here. Bo was adorable and I would love to see he and Whitney together chatting up a storm. I think they are two peas in a pod!!!! Look forward to hearing from you again!!! love, shana

Shonda said...

Very funny...he is cute! Good to finally meet today :)


Heather Kennedy said...

what a cute little stinker...lucky for our kids, we love them no matter what!

laurag said...

this makes me crack up. I love little kids and their straight forwardness - most of the time at least. Elsie has pretty much been trained to only tell her mommy how beautiful and wonderful she is - HA, just kidding. Anyhow, we miss you guys. What's your new address again? Our email is glcgehring@comcast.net