Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love Your Heart Night

The week before Valentine's Day, Cade and Ty's school had a "Love Your Heart Night". The boys informed me it was all the rave and "everyone" was going to be there. So after dinner, we headed back to the school for a little heart-healthy fun. The activity included exercise events stationed all around the school which were good for your heart.

I never knew my boys could climb the gym rope, jumprope and do so many sit-ups. Thanks goes to the unnoticed P.E. teacher who is obviously doing her job well. (Well, I don't know how unnoticed she really is...P.E. is the only thing at school I can get my boys to tell me about!)

Bart and Ty "speed walk" around the library. Cade shows off his jump-roping skills.

Our rope-climbing monkeys

Caden did 111 sit-ups - no joke~he had all these admiring girls counting each and every one!


Holly or James said...

Cute boys you have there. So in shape!! I bet Cade is a real chick magnet already. (:

Jyl... said...

I love your boys so much. You guys are great!!!! I LOVE YOU

The Gehrings said...

Fun idea. I love the picture of Caden and all the babes watching him. This is only the beginning of the attention he will get from girls I am sure.

Mandy, thank you for your advise on greta's napping by the way. I have started to put her down an hour earlier than usual everyday and so far it has worked perfectly. She goes right to sleep - no fighting. You're the best. Hope you guys are doing well. molly