Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Home Teachers are Cooler than Your Home Teachers

We got new Home Teachers (For those of you who don't know - home teachers are 2 male ward members assigned to visit you in your home monthly to check on you and share a gospel message). So this great guy and his 12 year old son/companion made it over last week to visit. They started sharing the story of Aaron, throwing down his staff and having it turn into a serpent which ate all the serpents of the pharoa's magicians. He explained that the power to turn Aaron's staff to a serpent came from God. God did this to show that He is more powerful than magicians or anything for that matter. Cool message huh? He was about finished telling this great bible story and the boys were listening quite intently, when Sammy, the 12-yr old boy added, "plus, God must think serpents are cool" and he reached into his shirt and pulled out "Bubba" their pet corn snake. It was quite the object lesson - a bible story my boys will now NEVER forget! And now they will probably NEVER quit asking me for a pet snake (since I have heard about it almost every day since). Sorry boys, not going to happen - notice I'm not in any of the pictures...yep, I'm across the room using zoom on the camera so I don't have to get too close!We warned our home teachers that they have set the bar high now for their visits...they say next month they'll bring a llama! As for this night, it was all kinds of boy fun. Thanks Dean and Sammy.


Jyl... said...

Boy Heaven. Hey I tried a dog for a little while, you could handle a snake!!!!! Your home-teacher wins!!

What's the Skinny said...

ooh, that's WHAT i have to look forward to! i like my hometeachers...the ones that never come. leave the snakes at home, thanks! isn't there a bible story about goldfish?

Alisa said...

That is so funny! I would have been on the other side of the house. We have garner snakes around here that my 6 yr old and his friends catch all summer long and keep in cages for a little bit then let go. I always stay far away as they just handle those things so crazy and I never know when it might TOUCH me! The rule is NEVER in the house. I am even kind of scared to garden--always use gloves. How are us snake abhorrers the mothers of so many boys, of course you even moreso. My daughter likes them too- but she's got her paternal grandmas genes there!