Thursday, September 10, 2009

If the going gets rough - get a SUSANNA

I don't know if you call it wimping out or getting smart...but getting a nanny this summer will go down in our book of BEST THINGS EVER!

When I look back to the beginning of summer and think that I ever resisted the idea of a "little" help - I'm just grateful for a wonderful and persistent husband who sometimes knows best.

One of the best parts of our summer was when we got Susanna. She was more than a "little" help - this girl saved me and helped make our summer sunny and bright. She sacrificed 3 mornings of sleep a week to come over for a few hours and be whatever we needed - a ride for someone somewhere, an errand runner, a babysitter (so mom could get away), an extra set of hands on fun outings, a housekeeper, a berry picker, a cookie baker, and a wonderful playmate. My kids absolutely love her and I think she will forever be my hero.
I wish we had taken more pictures. But we will always remember our summer with Susie!
I know she will probably never know what she did for me this summer and just how much she meant...I can only hope that someday when she needs it the most, she will have a Susanna in her life. We love you and we'll miss you Susanna. Good luck at college.


Leah said...

This is wonderful, Mandy!! Love all the new pics. Have a great start to your school year.

Celeste said...

Good for one deserves that more than you. Miss you guys, hope all is well.

Rebecca said...

We had a "Susanna" once, her name was Maria. Then she grew up and got busy. Haven't quite found a replacement yet. Gals like that are a rare find!

Julie Heugly said...

I want a "Susana"

Coordination Queen said...

I'd like a Susanna too!

Holly said...

Wow! She's grown up a lot. Can't believe she's gone to college now! That's something you need without a doubt when you have 5 kids under the age of 8. (: Awesome for you guys. (: