Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Scenes of Summer '09

Wolf Badge
Our family attended the Pack Meeting in August (which is a regular occurrence since I am a den leader) where we got to see Caden awarded his Wolf merit badge. Of course there is always a little help from mom when boys earn anything in scouting...but Caden was very good about tracking his achievements and getting his requirements earned. He's off to a good start and graduating up to the Bear Den.

Cade getting his Wolf badge and 3 arrow points from the Cub Master at our outdoor/park Pack Meeting.

Beavers Baseball Game
My parents pulled together a BIG family night for everyone at the ballpark. Papa got a suite and we all enjoyed a little baseball together at the Portland Beavers game in August. The kids loved watching the game from up so high. They were also in heaven with all the food and treats their little bodies could consume.
The mascot "Lucky the Beaver" even made it up to the box for a surprise visit.

Cole and Bo learning from the pros
Lukers has seen more ballgames in his short life than he probably cares to count...and he's still smiling about it!
Family picture time during the 7th inning stretch!

Grammy and Papa with all their grand kids.

Cousins Movie Nights
Whether it was a sleepover or just a babysitting trade-off with the cousins, the night always ended with popcorn and a movie in the dark.
College Football
Go Cougars! We LOVED watching BYU beat Oklahoma over Labor Day weekend for the season opener. It's going to be a good year to be a cougar fan! A perfect way for our sports-a-holic family to spend the day saying goodbye to a great summer and welcome fall.


Holly or James said...

LOVED that BYU game.