Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time for School

Our 3rd grader and 2nd grader all ready for their first day of school. Fall is already in the air here, with cool mornings, hence the reason the boys grabbed hoodies and wore then over their nice school shirts. While the hoodies are stuffed in the back packs in the warm afternoons, so far, these smiles are still on their faces at the end of the day. They like their teachers and being back with friends. It's back to early bedtimes (yeah!) early mornings (ugh), making lunches, homework, and mom attatched to the calendar making sure we don't miss anything!

Here's a little comparison to last year. Oh, how fast they grow. Here's to a great year boys!


Ashleigh said...

Cute kids, they do grow waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fast. I love the little lesson learned. Its great that you wrote it down. Those special little moments are the best and I forget them unless I scrapbook or blog it.

And hello.... Susanna.... so fabulous. I'm sure the help is a welcome relief as you juggle all of those sports teams and being bishop's wife! Busy days.... but treasured days too!

brooke romney said...

Wow! They really have grown. I can't believe the mornings are already chilly...we still have quite awhile!

Ashleigh said...


I used photoshop to make my collages. I used to have photoshop elements (the cheaper and simpler version) and I figured out all you do is resize and drag them onto a new file. I decided to switch to mac and I had to re-buy the program and decided to go all out and explore the possibilities.

Anyway, elements would be fine if you just want to make collages. I have also bought collage templets off of houseof3.com. But as far as I know, you need photoshop to run them and fill them with pictures.

Let me know how your experimenting goes.


Holly said...

wow, what big boys! You can totally tell the difference from last year.