Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Depoe Bay

We always look forward to our annual summer camping weekend with our friends. This year, we ditched the tents and upgraded to a house at the coast!

Although our camping trips were always great for serving up adventures and hilarious memories, I think our beach weekend will stick as a new tradition. We enjoyed perfect weather and had a wonderful time.

Lukers took a little time to take a liking to the sand - but his sad face was just as photogenic.
The shore and tidepools were full of sealife - the kids stayed out for hours discovering!

Cole was a little leary of the waves crashing in - he is still saying "thank you that the water didn't get us" in his prayers each night! He did a lot of observing from high up on the beach while the rest of them played in the sand and water all day long.

Our friend pulled out his nets and we went crabbing off the rock pier close by- we had some great luck and caught a dozen or so. Mostly small ones to throw back, but a few beefy ones too!
Cade's going to have to teach Dad how to hold 'em...he got chomped on the finger!

The kids help measure the crabs back at the house to make sure they are big enough to keep...and to EAT! A quick photo before we cook them up!
We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and memories!
A beautiful scene to end the day. And a wonderful finale to a great summer!


Rebecca said...

Cute posts! Love your garden--I'm sad because we didn't plant one this year--too much being prego and all!

Amy F. said...

We miss the coast! Depot Bay is so fun. Our kids love the whale watching museum. We are bummed that we aren't part of the yearly tradtion anymore...I guess the Carley's and us will have to be fond memories. :) It looks like you had a blast!