Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Wolf and a Bear

Not scary animal sightings in the wilderness, but the new badges my boys have earned in Cubscouts this summer. I got a quick snapshot of them at our August Packmeeting in the park.

Yes, Caden is wearing football pants (coming late, straight from practice) and yes, they are wet from a water fight. Sometimes pictures aren't meant to be good, just meant to document life and memories.

I also got to fulfill my motherly responsibilities and chaperone 2 days (since I have 2 boys, I guess) at cubscout day camp this summer. I actually love watching and listening to boys this age - it is a real hoot. And I love seeing my boys learn and try new things.Tyler was a natural at the BB Guns. He was pretty impressed with his mom who got a couple bulls-eyes too! It's no wonder I have all boys - I really like this stuff, and I'm not too shabby!
On to being eagle scouts someday...if I have anything to do with it!