Monday, September 6, 2010

Free to Hit the Road

My hubby and I returned home from our date Friday, Aug 19th and realized that we had nothing going on the next day! A miracle! So we decided before football and soccer games started and we were back to fall weekends, crammed full - we'd take full advantage. So we did an impromptu road trip a couple of hours north to Tacoma, WA to visit family and make a surprise appearance at a cousin's wedding reception.

They might look a little intimidating...but these boys are pretty good travelers and were up for the trip.

We met up with Bart's brother's family and spent the afternoon with them at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

The boys were amazed at the animals. I have to admit, I was pretty impressed myself!

Lukers loved the discovery lab and getting to touch the starfish...a little too much...he started grabbing and flinging them...kind of frowned upon by the zoo employees.

A lot of excitment and large crowds helped us lose our oldest child for a little while. It was a little scary and I was feeling like a pretty lousy parent. But luckily Cade kept his head about him and thought to ask someone to borrow their cell phone and call his dad's number before we got too worried. Smart boy!
It ended up being one great day! Sometimes the unplanned trips make for the best ones.


Amy F. said...

Point Defiance! That was my childhood zoo!! The shark exhibit and aquarium are my favorites, oh, and the beluga whales. Glad you found Cade in one piece. Losing kids is no fun for mom. The carseat shot cracks me up, you've got lots of kids to keep track of!