Monday, September 6, 2010

Dickson Family Reunion

When you get 2 parents, 6 Dickson siblings (from all corners of the country), their spouses and combined 16 children (all 9 and under) together for a week - what do you get? Well besides CHAOS?
Bart and I hosted the first Bi-Annual Dickson family reunion. Our amazing family flew from Florida and Seattle (and in between) to the great Northwest to spend a week in one of my family's favorite places- Black Butte Ranch, OR. We truly had a great time enjoying the outdoors and being together.
After a huge BBQ dinner Monday night, the kids gathered around Grandma for a fun family home evening - they listened to the story of "Nephi - the Shipbuilder"
and even got to play with a real hand-made bellows!
then, made their own twinkie "ships".
or just ate the ship ingredients!
One thing the week had plenty of was good food. When you have an event with Grandma Debbie, the eating is definitely TOP NOTCH! Cooking for 30 people for 7 days straight doesn't even phase her.
Besides good food, there was lots of game-playing, bike riding, tennis and swimming. The dads enjoyed a hike of Black Butte, the moms took an afternoon away to shop in Sisters.
There were German-style disco dances in the dark with glow sticks!
And a little time for relaxation...when grandkids weren't sneaking up on you!
He still managed to convince Grandpa into taking him golfing!

And even talked Grandpa into letting him drive the cart!

By the end, there were lots of tired kids, sun drenched faces, and smiles!
After our fun-filled week at the ranch, some went straight home, while the rest reconveined back in Portland for a couple of nights. We hyped up Tualatin's own Crawfish Festival and stared the day off by convincing our family to march in the parade for our friend who is running for Congress - they were of course great sports! Then (in 100 degree heat) checked out what a crawfish festival is about - it was our family's first year attending, so hyping it up was pretty risky. Luckily it wasn't a huge dissapointement.
Of course we had to eat crawfish! Bet you didn't know it's the oldest Crawfish Festival in the U.S. (We all have a fame to claim!)

Dad shows us how it's done.
Caden wasn't a fan.
But the week earned two thumbs up - definitely a hit and fun for everyone. Our family is truly one of our greatest treasures. They are simply wonderful. Thanks to all of them for traveling to our neck of the woods for this one...we're looking forward to the next time!