Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double Digits!

Caden turned 10 earlier this month! Each year we seem to have trouble finding a way to celebrate with his friends, since his birthday always falls around Labor Day and everybody seems to be out of town. But we still rounded up several friends that were in town and they had a great time celebrating as all boys like to do - bowling and chowing down on nachos and french fries

and cooling off with a sweet treat of ice cream at Coldstone

I still can't believe I have a ten year old. And I am crushed by the thought that he is more than half-way through his years that he will be in our home! This boy is such a great kid. Every mom thinks this, I know, but he is really something special. He is incredibly bright and mature and funny - my sister says she sometimes feels like calling to see if Cade can come hang out - he is that much fun to be around. He knows what he is about and is very driven to be his best. He is a hard worker. He is an awesome older brother and oldest cousin - the little kids truly LOVE him. He has that look and feel about him that says - "I got it under control". As his third grade teacher put it, "if there is one word to describe Caden it would be - COOL." We have high hopes for our kids and sometimes I feel like I expect so much out of this one...yet, everyday I stop to notice - and there he is exceeding my expectations! He makes us so proud. Happy 1oth. We love you buddy.