Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beverly Beach - Aug 19th and 20th

Our family doesn't take advantage of the beautiful Oregon Coast as much as we should. So we are grateful for planned events like our ward campout that give us a reason to load up the camping gear and head for the sand! We quit camping several years ago and vowed to not do it again until we had - NO MORE BABIES - so this was our maiden voyage back at it. And it went remarkably well! No bottles, no***woops***less crying, only one in diapers, and everyone even slept through the night! We don't have pictures of the camping - so just imagine us cozied up in our two room tent, making peanut butter cup smores and doughees (toasted marshmallows covered in bread dough and coated in cinnamon/sugar) over a roaring campfire, and enjoying yummy blackberry pancakes for breakfast. We didn't even get rained on! It was a great day for family and friends at the beach...

Cade helps Cole manuever the rock bed

Baseball on the beach...of course...

Taking turns getting burried in the sand

Our sand martian - a dead one!

Gotta do just like the big brothers

And with all the fun we had down at the beach on Saturday we just might have to get back into this camping thing...