Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We said it would be a tradition - and though a million things tried to get in the way of it happening - we held strong and determined - and spent a long labor day weekend at our favorite place, Black Butte Ranch.

It's our way to celebrate the finish to a great summer and spend much needed family time together before the crazyness of fall hits.

We love the warm weather of Central Oregon, the rustic and cozy house of Grammy and Papa's at Black Butte. It makes you feel like you left the busy city life lightyears away. And the endless outdoor fun to be had...

Like tennis 3 times a day or more!

Relaxing in the hammock on the back deck.

Kind of relaxing...

...it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt :)...

BBQs and celebrating birthdays.

beautiful sunsets watched from the hottub.

Eating ice cream at the swimming pool.

Spilling ice cream on suntanned tummies at the swimming pool.

It's all GOOD!

If only the fun didn't have to end! Back to real life - with loads of new memories and re-stocked energy.