Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We didn't have to travel far to see the BYU football team play this fall. Just an hour drive to Corvallis on October 15th to Reeser's Stadium got us in the stands to watch BYU earn a victory.
Bart's brother and 5 cousins came down from Seattle for the weekend to stay with us and join us in the cheering section at the game. We got perfect fall weather and had a pretty sweet tailgate party before the game - with 2 kinds of hot soup and fully loaded sandwiches.

and some homemade "Y" cookies. I can never hope to be my dear friend Ashleigh, who is a cookie queen, but I gave it a good shot!

my cute mom

while the guys threw the football around and ate incessantly, the girls had thier own version of tailgating


Excited fans!

(I don't know who the crazy guy behind us is - no relation!)

Thanks Oregon State for being gracious losers :) And for letting us show our true blue!