Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This year we had Mr. Clean, a crazy Duck Fan, a referee, a ninja, a knight, and a cowboy.

For the church party and trunk-or-treat I came straight from my Zombie run, so I was a race runner and Cade was Jimmer Fredette.

Tough little rascal - complete with a real black eye!

Going door-to-door with friends from the neighborhood. Cade and Ty felt BIG and COOL as we let them go off by themselves, just the 2 of them, for part of the night.

The "ride" home after tired legs set in.

Our tradition of homemade donuts and hot cider await!

I also tried a new recipe this year that may just have to become a Halloween treat tradition - it was SOOOO good!

Black Licorice Caramels.

I got the recipe here

I cut 'em up into squares. And wrapped like the website said. And put them in these cute tins from the dollar section at Target.

A perfect gift for teachers! Or anyone! Next year my husband says I better make a double batch.


Amy F. said...

Your kids are darling, but I was cracking up at the "Mr. Clean" costume! He's a good sport to dress up. I can't believe how much your last two boys look like little Dicksons too! You make them handsome. There are five lucky little girls out there somewhere!