Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet Spike

Through unexpected circumstances and a weak mom moment - I was talked into a new (and only) pet for the Dickson family. He's a uromastyx (means: "spiney tailed lizard" in someone's language) and he's actually really easy. He came with the whole set up (cage/rocks/lamps), he's vegetarian, so no buying crickets, he doesn't require water, his heat lamps are on timers, and he never makes a sound! He's kindof prehistoric looking with his spiky tail and changes color when he's basking - the boys think he's cool. And I got a few mom points for being cool about it.

Bo has "primary parental duties" of this not-so-cute-thing. He is suppose to be the one to feed him and clean out his cage. So far I have mostly been the one to feed him with the dutiful reminders from the littlest boys. He's only gotten out of his cage once (when the towel that was draped over it fell down inside - I guess he used his claws to climb up it and over and out and had a little adventure) - but we found him pretty quickly :) Good thing. I was about to have a coronary thinking he was creeping around unknown in my house somewhere!

The boys made him into a pokemon card....oh, pokemon cards....when will that phase end??