Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Portland To Coast

130 miles, 32+ hours, one walker on the road at all times, 4800 walkers, Downtown Portland to Seaside Beach, 3600 volunteers = The Largest Walking Relay in the world! And my lovely team of motivated and fun loving mommas finished 68th out of 400 teams! Not too shabby for some weekend warriors.

The afternoon before the big day, we decorated my suburban, loaded up our gear and headed home for one last good night of sleep before it all began...
on Friday, August 26th at 5:30 in the morning our first walker (me!) was poised at the starting line ready to take off for a wild adventure.

My suburban was bedroom, changing room, party room, kitchen and anything else your imagination can conjure up for the next 32 hours. If it is a discussion topic, it was talked about. If it if junk food, it was eaten. If it is a hilarious moment, it happened. If it was an advil pill, it was swallowed. Through the city, rural communities, and coastal range - from wee hours of the morning to silly tired hours of the night, we walked and rode and talked and laughed. And finally arrived at the sandy finish line of the picturesque Seaside Beach.

Celebrating our finish! And then on to a greasy breakfast at Camp 18 before returning to our crazy lives - but now with fresh perspectives, hope, and motivation for the future! I love and admire these Sassy ladies. Thanks gals for an unforgettable experience.