Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zombie Run

When you see an ad like this for an event in your community:

So you have ran a 5k before? That's nice. Maybe you've even qualified for the Boston Marathon. Cool story. But, how do you think you would fare with someone chasing you? What if that someone belongs to the partisan of the living undead? If you think you have what it takes to master your fear, control your adrenaline, and survive the horror- all while maintaining clean underwear, then come prove it at the Zombie Apocalypse 5k Trail Run.

What do you and your running friends do? You sign up as survivors.

Yep. We really did this. On October 29th at dusk. And if I wasn't too cheap to buy the pictures from the photographer's website, I could post proof of myself running through a corn maze, along mud trenches, and up hay covered hills - all while being chased by freaky people dressed up like zombies. If you really want to see, you can click on the photo webiste here.
But here we are at the finish line:

looking like a bunch of tired runner who didn't "survive". Those zombies were fast!
Chalk it up to one of the crazy things I've done - it was sure fun!