Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Papa turns 60!

When world's greatest Papa and Dad turns 60 - it's cause for a giant celebration. But since he doesn't like crowds and attention, we obeyed his wish and curtailed our party planning, and instead of a surprise party with the TONS of people who love and admire my dad (which is how we wanted to celebrate), Grammy rented a giant house at Lincoln City for all us kids and grandkids to share and party together. It was risky- the beach in November - but we lucked out with excellent weather and enjoyed lots of fun relaxing, watching movies and football, eating good food, playing games, not sleeping (since every family had at least one sick kid up in the night - but we'll try not to remember that part), and enjoying the sand and water.

All you need is a hoodie and you can still enjoy building sandcastles and gathering seashells at the beach in the fall.

And of course there was the giant family flag football game!

Uncle Andrew with his team!

Luke watched a lot of it from the window in comforts of the warm beach house.

Grammy put together some fun party games.

yes, one of which involved knocking over water bottles with a ball inside a pantyhose that hangs from your head :)

the kids put together a little program to honor papa and it ended with a dog pile on the birthday boy!

We hope a little birthday party in a beautiful setting with all the people who love him most made him feel as special as he is!

We managed to talk a photographer into driving out to the coast to surprise Grammy and Papa with a group photography session. This was my favorite moment caught on camera...

It was pretty chilly - so Bart had the job of keeping the kids warm and free of complaining during the photo session.

I wish every weekend could be frozen in moments like these. I love my family more than words and I love my wonderful dad - for the father, example, rock, inspiration, friend, advisor and hero he has been and always will be. He is truly one of the most generous, kind, humble, faithful, man of integrity you can ever know. Because of him I owe so much - everything. Thanks dad. And thanks for giving us an excuse to have another wonderful time together.


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