Tuesday, December 13, 2011

State Champs!

This kid is a fierce competetor. He is a natural athlete, driven a hard worker - and loves to compete. And this season in baseball gave him a chance to put all those qualities to the test. He made a 4th grade Federal team (the city's all-star team for his grade) and had a season of intense games and nail-biting finishes. And a lot of chances to light up the field!

It all culminated in the State Tournament on July 16thwhen his team went undefeated making it into the championship game. The game was to be played on Sunday - but thanks to a downpour it was postponed until Tuesday night. Because of our religion, we don't participate in sports on Sunday, so Cade was pretty excited and grateful as the rain-out unfolded. This allowed Cade his chance to come to the mound as the starting pitcher.

We were down in early innings, but kept the game close and then in true form for these ballers, they fought and crept their way back to pull of an exciting win - earning their title of State Champs.

It was so fun to watch their excitment and joy as a team. A great moment to see these boys feel the rewards of hard work and believing in themselves and each other. For me, it's what sports is all about and why we sacrifice for our kids - driving them to and from practices and games, wiping tears of dissapointment, sitting in miserable cold or blasting heat all season, lugging heavy gear, and spending endless money on bats/shoes/gloves - for moments like these that leave a lasting impression. I even left our church's girls camp (where I was acting as camp nurse) for the night to drive back for the game. And Bart changed a flight for a work trip to make it back in time to watch every second. It was wonderful. And we are so proud of our Cade - our buttons could burst!

A group of HAPPY boys and coaches!

It all finished off with a team party at my parent's house. With a top-notch cake,


BBQ and to relax and celebrate!

So grateful for coaches to help our kids shine, guide them to success, but also teach values and life lessons along the way!

At least if we gave up half of our summer for baseball - it ended this good! Now we can enjoy some relaxing weeks of summer...until the fall sports begin :)


Amy F. said...

Good job Cade!!