Monday, December 19, 2011

A Happy 4th Birthday

A cute invitation (that got eaten by my computer - I have a new computer :) ) went out to a few friends that said something like: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, All Knights of the Round. Your presence is requested at a celebration in honor of Sir Cole's 4th Birthday. The friends followed the address to the castle and had lots of fun...Decorating Knight shields-

And earning their armor -

And playing in the bouncy Castle (in our garage - I leave it pushed to the side and ready all winter as a cold/wet weather activity to burn off the energy of my gang. Great! You should try it!)-

And feasting on treats -

And showering the Birthday Boy with noble gifts -

And making great birthday wishes and memories -

The kids all went home with their helmet/masks, shields, foam swords and a tube full of plastic knight toys. It was a hit all the way around. And this 4 year old is a big hit at our house! We love you Birthday Boy.


Anonymous said...

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Amy F. said...

It's hard to believe Cole is getting that old! He is another cute version of Dickson. :) Love the bouncy house in the garage idea. Way to combat the rain!