Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Summer Portraits

I needed a studio portrait of Bo at age 5 for my wall gallery - it's a little tradition my mom did that I am copying. And since he was coming up on his 6th birthday quickly, I had to pull something together fast. So we booked a sitting at Yuen Lui and got some handsome shots of him and the motley crew.

Lukers - Age 2

Best Buds and Worst Enemies - depends on the moment

My loves.


Brooke Romney said...

Glad you are still blogging! to change the post date, go to post options at the bottom of your new post or go to edit post and it will ve down there. Clicj the scheduled at button and you can back date. darling boys!

Andrew w/ Prudential said...
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Mandy said...

Cool. Thanks Brooke!