Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soccer Stud

Bo has been patiently sitting in the stands and on the sidelines watching his older brothers for years, and waiting for his turn to play team sports. His first hack at fall soccer was a roaring success. He loved it! And we loved cheering him on. He was very focused and serious. But every once and while we would see him crack that smile - he had a blast! Even on cold, foggy mornings. (No my camera lense isn't dirty - it was really THAT foggy - but it was the last game of the season, so I HAD to take pictures anyways.)

According to his own game analysis - "I was a scoring machine!"

Enjoying frozen yogurt with his team after the game.

Getting his trophy! Almost a smile! We loved his coach - she was a doll - and I love it when a mom steps up and coaches.

We know there's a smile in there ready to crack wide open! We love you soccer stud!


Heather K said...

Bo is hilarious and so intense...very similiar to Elle...she will NOT show emotion when expected to...oh these little rascals :)

Amy F. said...

He is definitely one of yours. Confident little guy!! He looks pretty cool in his uniform too!